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Carburetor and Ignition Tuning for Performance Engines

Spiral Bound HARD COPIES NOW AVAILABLE $20.00 Shipping Included to USA

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Or call us with a credit card during regular office hours. Mon-Thurs 8am - 3pm Pacific time.

47 Pages of Easy to Read and Understand Information on Tuning Your Muscle Car or Bracket Racer.

Ignition timing events explained

Fuel Delivery

Carburetor tips and techniques that work

Carb Sizing

Track Tuning Procedures

How to test your fuel system

Trouble shooting

Jet and Area Charts

Bracket Racing Tips and Tricks

3 Years to Write and 40 Years to Learn What to Write

Be an Expert Virtually Overnight

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What are People saying about this book:

Hi Don, thanks again for your tuning guide! Using your info I managed to get
my car from a previous best of 11.30 @ 117 to 11.14 @ 118, well worth the
ten bucks!!

....I might have to try it on my own, with your tuning doc to advise along
the way...  By far the best $10 I've spent on this build already!
Thanks for the time and info already shared......

I followed the step by step procedures and I can't believe the improvement, you need to double the price, better yet sell them to me and I'll sell them for $50.00 still worth every dime.
Jon, Indiana
I bought your book and it solved a 2 year tuning problem. I'm  a Banker not a mechanic but it allowed me to achieve a level of performance that several good mechanics in my area could not.  I still have a slight stumble if I stomp the throttle down at low RPM it goes away if I advance the timing they way you instructed me so I'll be removing the distributor and sending it to you next week.
Thank you, I love my Corvette again.
Robert W.
I have been working on the tuning of my Mighty Demon for almost a year, I have called BG Techline probably 10 times and have spoken to at least 3 of their "Carb Experts", why didn't they explain these timing things to me?  I can't believe I hesitated almost 2 months before squeezing that $10 out of my wallet and buying this book.  All I did was follow your instructions and it got 100% better.  Since I got the distributor back from you and installed it in the car is absolutely awesome, I think I just got a new car for $10.00.
I can't thank you enough  for this book and your time on the phone directing me.  I wish I had of bought this carb from you in the 1st place and had you backing me up, all Summit would do was tell me to return it as defective, what a joke don't they understand customer service?
Seattle, Wa.
  Las Vegas MATS 2006 Fish Fry Winner Pro Bracket.