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CD1-Pro Bracket Racer Ignition Systems by Daytona-Sensors Approved By NHRA for Pro-S/Pro Brackets

MSRP $585.00

ON SALE NOW 11.28.17 - Call NOW for Unbelievable Pricing

Includes Coil! and Uplink Cable


CD-1PRO is same as the CD-1 with the PRO Box


Introducing the CD1-PRO

 From Daytona-Sensors


This Powerful CD Ignition Box has been designed specifically for NHRA Pro Bracket Racers.

Programmable timing curve, 2 step integral REV Limiter, Launch and total algorithm RPM Limiters.  Multi Spark CD Ignition, impervious to moisture, shock and vibration resistant, Laptop compatible, Dial type REV limiter settings. 3D timing map for boost or NOS applications.


Interface cable, hardware kit, Coil, Software all included



NHRA Inspected and Approved!

 (click Link to read approval letter)


Built in America for American Racers!


CD-1 Pro Ignition Box & Coil

P/N 104001 and coil P/N 102002


Compatible with 4-6-8 cylinder race engines with distributor type ignition. Not compatible with odd

firing V6 engines.

135 MJ spark energy output.

Digitally set launch and maximum RPM limits with 100 RPM steps from 3,000 to 9,900 RPM

(10,900 RPM for maximum RPM limit). Dial Control No More Pills

PC programmable advance features ranging from a simple RPM based advance curve to a 3D timing map with boost proportional retard.

Dedicated input terminals for launch RPM and manifold pressure.

One general purpose input and two general purpose input/output terminals. Inputs can be programmed for high gear retard, RPM limit, and throttle position sensor. Outputs can be programmed for RPM window switch, nitrous system activation, and multi-gear shift light functions.

Fully encapsulated construction. 12 pin Deutsch connector used for signal connections.

Compact size. Module is 7.0 x 5.25 x 1.9. Coil is 4.4 x 3.2 x 3.0.

The parts bag supplied with the CD-1 includes a signal harness that plugs into the 12 terminal Deutsch connector, ring tongue terminals for power and ignition coil connections, and a set of Weather Pack connectors for Tach and PC link hookup. To complete the installation, some applications may require additional wire, crimp terminals, fuses, switches, and relays. The Appendix includes a list of recommended parts and suppliers.

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